Bitcoin Fighter game is provably fair!
Bitcoin Fighter is in beta and is continually changing layout.
We will increase funtionality to get a better investor experience.
– Next Functionality: Invest on Bitcoin Fighter Tournament Winner!
We use realTime API that makes showing real time transactions status, new transactions and blocks.
This is a live website.
Our payments are perfectly implemented and at present are made every six hours, at five minutes of round ends.
If your transaction doesn’t have at least 3 confirmations it will be postponed to next payment, the same happens with returns (out of time transfers).
We have a great log and we know what had happened every time in Bitcoin Fighter.
If you have any issue, question or suggestion please write us at [email protected]
Bitcoin Fighter
Actual versión : 1.1.4
Last changes:
1.1.4 – Fixed twice payout to winners
1.1.4 – Solved double round active
1.1.4 – Fixed issue when update round finished
1.1.3 – Added copy bitcoin address to clipboard
1.1.2 – Changed fee system to accurate fee to the transaction timestamp
1.1.2 – Changed fee range
1.1.2 – Added message on the top of website about actual status
1.1.1 – Added discount in fee of fighter who is losing
1.1.1 – Added last payout board at website menu
1.1.1 – Added minimum payout to the game
1.1.1 – Added bitcoin guide at website menu
1.1.0 – Added Tournament page where show actual situation of tournament fighters
1.1.0 – Improved better payout system with follow up logs
1.1.0 – Change colors of fighters
1.1.0 – Added Image of different fighters to the game
1.0.0 – Site online

bitcoin game , sell bitcoins , exchange bitcoins , buy bitcoins bet cryptocurrency coinbase BTC doesn’t exist at addresses; BTC only exists in transactions. Any time you spend BTC, you are (completely) draining one or more “input transactions” and sending that BTC to one or more “output addresses.” Note that the inputs are transactions, and the outputs are addresses. You can’t partially spend (“redeem”) an input transaction; if there’s BTC left over, you send the “change” back to yourself at an address you own (typically created just for that transaction.) Transactions are finalized when they’re included in Blocks. Including aTransaction Fee helps ensure a miner will include you in their Block. You prove that you’re allowed to spend each input transaction by signing a combination of the transaction you’re spending and the transaction you’re creating. BTC XBC XTC This event is being held inside the world famous O2 arena at the IndigO2 venue.

bitcoin fighter , bitcoin game , sell bitcoins , exchange bitcoins , buy bitcoins bet cryptocurrency