Game Rules

Win bitcoins with Bitcoin Fighter Tournaments.

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Invest in the Fighter which you want to win, the Fighter who received more investment at the end of the round will be the winner with all those who have invested on it.

The game consists of rounds and Tournaments. Each round runs for 6 hours. Each tournament has 7 Fights.

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Invest on Fighter

In every round there are two Fighters. Each Fighter has his own bitcoin address. You can send any amount of bitcoins to a Fighter of your choice. You can do this as often as you like. There is no registration , you are identified via your bitcoin address only.
Until your payment is confirmed in the bitcoin network (included into a block), it is not added to the Fighter’s balance and appears with the note «unconfirmed» in the list of recent payments. It can take several minutes, sometimes up to one hour ( it depends on network), to mark the transaction as confirmed.
Payments that are received before the end of the round but confirmed after the end of the round are not counted and we return them to sender. We won’t return payments that are received after the end of the round.

Do not use Xapo to send bitcoins to us, they use shared addresses to send it.


The Fighter with higher bitcoin balance at the end of the round wins. All players who invested into this Fighter will receive their investment back, plus the share of the second Fighter bitcoins balance, plus the share of the jackpot. This share is proportional according to each player’s deposit.
All winnings are sent to the same bitcoin address the original payment came from. Use your private wallet only, it is essential. Do not use any shared one, such as bitcoin exchange account.
We send out one payout for every transaction.
We send out only payments that are higher than 0.0002 BTC.

Please don’t send too small amounts to Fighters – they will be counted but you take the risk that your reward will be lower than the 0.0002 BTC limit.


There is a jackpot in every round (it is funded by Bitcoin Fighter Labs Ltd.) the Jackpot is a fixed value that will be added to bitcoins shared by the winning team.


There is a fee charged to each transaction you make. Fee is subtracted from the amount of bitcoins you send and the rest is added to the Fighter of your choice.
The fee rate is slowly raising as time is running. It always starts at 10 % and raises up to 60 % at the end of the round. In every moment you can see what is the current fee rate.

For computing the fee for your payment we always use the «received time» of your transaction (not the time of confirmation). Usually it takes only few seconds from sending your payment to receiving it by us.

If you invest on fighter who is losing you will have a deduction of fee.

Example of end Round

exchange bitcoins

The jackpot in current round is 0.05 BTC.

You send 0.5 BTC to the right Fighter’s address.

The fee rate is 5 % which means 0.025 BTC is deducted from your investment.

The rest, 0.475 BTC, is added to the right Fighter’s balance. The round ends.

The final bitcoin balance of the right Fighter is 3 BTC, whereas the Left Fighter has only received 2.5 BTC in total.

Congratulations, your Fighter wins! Your share is 0.475 / 3 = 15.83 % (your investment represents 15.83 % of right Fighter’s bitcoins).

This means you have won 15.83 % of 2.55 BTC (the Left Fighter´s 2.5 BTC plus the jackpot 0.05 BTC), which is 0.403665 BTC.

In addition you receive your original investment back so the total amount you will be given is 0.403665 + 0.475 = 0.878665 BTC.

Provably Fair

All Rounds and Tournaments are completely fair.

This means that there is no way in the site can cheat you by changing the values on bitcoin Fighter´s balance or fee to the value that is in our favour.

Verify for yourself.



Can I invest on both Fighters in the same round?

Yes, you can. And you can also send multiple investments to both Fighters.

When do I receive my payout?

If you have invested on the winning Fighter, you will receive your winnings shortly after the round ends.

How do you handle transactions with multiple input addresses?

If your transaction has more than one input address we will use the first one.
This address will receive payment if your Fighter wins, and this address will be displayed in Fighter transactions during the round.


More Questions?

If you need any help about our bitcoin game or if you have a question or a comment, simply contact us!

[email protected]

Bitcoin Fighter Labs Ltd.

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