Bitcoin Faucets


1. Moon Bitcoin – 5 Minutes – 1000 satoshi per hour

THE HIGHEST PAYING bitcoin faucet – simply because you can click to open a drip and leave the browser tab open and come back later to collect it.

2. Bitcoin Zebra – 1 Hour – 350 satoshi per hour

A really quick and easy bitcoin faucet that pays 100-400 (on average with a 1000 jackpot) every hour – a must visit.

3. Spin and Win Pays every 15 Minutes – 150 average payout

Spin and Win is a new faucet with some and have some really unique features and an awesome 5000 and 2000 satoshi jackpot – if they can maintain their high payout it could set the benchmark for future faucets.

4. BitCoinKer – 15 Minutes – 400 satoshi per hour

Another one of my favorite bitcoin faucets – with a 33% chance of winning 100, 200, or 300 satoshi, and a payout every 15 minutes it is one of the highest paying by far.

5. – 1 Hour – 500+ satoshi per hour

Pays a MINIMUM of 300+ every HOUR – they also have a dice game where you can bet your winnings for more.

6. Bit Curl – 1 Hour – 150 satoshi per hour

Long standing, solid faucet that pays 250 satoshi per hour.

7. Land of Bitcoin – many options and payouts.. MUST JOIN!

The Daddy of bitcoin faucets – homepage features a faucet you can leave open while you browse and links to 40+ other btc faucets.

8. R Tube – 1 Hour 175+ satoshi per hour

A new and reall quick submission faucet, paying 175+ per hour.

9. Bit On Play – 1 Hour – 200 satoshi per hour

One of the unique bitcoin faucets where you guess where the bitcoin is hidden and can win 100, 200, or 300 depending on how many guesses you need.

10. Pink Tussy15 Minutes! – 600+ per hour.

Another new bitcoin faucet, fast submission and paying out 150+ every FIFTEEN MINUTES.


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